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Health mat developed by the freshness preservation technology company

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2023-09-06 NEW Releases DENBA JAPAN receives the 2023 Japan Logistics Awards "Technological Innovation Award"
2021-03-10 NEW Releases Notice of Acquisition of Medical Device Certification
2021-01-19 Notice of Empirical Paper on Drastic Reduction of "Sleep Disorder" Using DENBA Health
2021-01-14 Announcement on starting to sell DENBA products at Bic camera
2019-06-12 DENBAヘルスケア商品 中国国内において医療機器認可取得のお知らせ
2019-05-22 DENBAヘルスケア商品の医療機器申請手続き開始のお知らせ
2018-12-27 3月23日(土)BS12 『ドランクドラゴンのバカ売れ研究所』でテレビ放映されました
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