We started developing food freshness preservation technology in April 2013.

Through repeated research on water molecule activation, we have been active in the food preservation industry.

Based on the idea of applying preservation technology to humans, we have successfully developed DENBA Health products.

Let's experience a new world and realize youthfulness with DENBA technology in a modern society that is said humans will live to 100 years old.

DENBA technology to create space potential

You can feel the DENBA wavelength in a 360-degree space, just by staying in the effective space.

What is resonance?

Each substance has its own wavelength (vibration).

The DENBA technology gives water molecules the same wavelength as their own natural frequencies, allowing water molecules to generate natural and uninterrupted vibration (resonance).

This difference between resonance and non-resonance is easy to understand by observing the water in frozen state.

The energy of resonance makes it difficult for water molecules to combine, so water is not easy to freeze up if above minus 4 degrees.

What is freshness?

Deterioration speed of ingredients is not constant.

It will change depending on the environment.

DENBA technology was originally developed with the goal of food freshness preservation.

Placing food in the DENBA space that promotes micro-vibration of water molecules will effectively slow down the speed of food oxidation and the propagation of bacteria, so as to prevent the deterioration of ingredients and keep them fresh for a long time.

DENBA Health mat developed by applying preservation technology to humans

DENBA HEALTH creates a space potential within 360 degrees, so that people in this space can maintain healthy and youthful vitality.

There are two types of DENBA HEALTH. One is the standard version, which is used at home; the other is the highgrade version, which can be used by multiple people at the same time such as in the orthopedics clinics, massage shops, gyms, beauty salons, nail shops, hotels, etc.

Most of the products using electric field technology cannot be used in the treatment bed, but can only be used by sitting on the chair. DENBA HEALTH has a patented technology that uses a single stage to form an electric field, and it can also be used in treatment beds. It is a revolutionary product.

Because of the effect in the space, not only the guests, but also the employees in the store can be affected to stay healthy, which is widely praised.