An unknown world created by a machine

Infinite possibilities for science of space

We developed a health mat that uses food freshness preservation technology.

Water molecules resonate with their own wavelength.

A fresh-keeping space is created to support human health.

A 360-degree electric field

By spatial control, the effect can be

demonstrated at 360 degrees within a radius of

1.5 m and a diameter of 4 to 5 m from the

potential mat.  Unique technology to form an

electric field through a single stage without

connecting to ground.

Pursuit of safety that enabled low potential and low frequency

With a potential mat that generates low

potential and low frequency. Family members

can use it safely. It will also have a fresh-keeping

effect on plants and fruits within the effective

space. You can experience the world's most

advanced technology at home.

Can be used by multiple people at the same time

Highgrade can connect 3 mats at the same time.

Theres are 3 mats in a set, and you can use

them on the bed, sofa and chair. All family

members, including pets, can use the mat together. 

The largest number of achievements in the industry.

Until now, DENBA technology has been

adopted by the world's major home appliance

manufacturers, business refrigerator

manufacturers, and logistics companies.

It will also revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Obtained patents in 50 countries around the world.

Unique technology to form an electric field

through a single stage without connecting to ground, which has been adopted by the

world's top companies.

We are applying research in various fields

such as food, health, and medical care.


We placed the DENBA potential mat in the hospital waiting room and let patients experience the product while waiting. Patients who have experienced it have given high praise. There is no need to do anything as long as you sit on the mat, and it will not take up space in the hospital.


Acupuncture and moxibustion hospitals that provide beauty acupuncture services apply electricity to the needles for acupuncture. After using the DENBA potential mat, even if the needle is not powered, as long as lying on the mat, you can have the same or even better experience.

Manipulative clinic

The staff is also in the DENBA space and can experience the magic of DENBA technology. With the potential space, it can be said that the working environment has undergone a revolutionary change.

Beauty salon

You can use DENBA potential mats while using slimming and beauty equipment. It will arouse the interest of customers and facilitate subsequent sales, as well as the sales of other products.


DENBA Health
High-grade type

Model DENBA-08H-H

Size W188mm×D243mm×H154mm

Input voltage 100~120V 50/60Hz

Weight 3.8kg

Mat D type

Model DBH-60S

Size W60cm×D120cm×H1cm

Mat E type

Model DBH-120S

Size W120cm×D120cm×H1cm